Hello and welcome to ZCore, the place for teen and beginning developers to share their work, and allow others to play them!

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ZCore: The Place For Beginning and Teen Developers

Welcome to ZCore! If you are viewing this page, it probably means you have come here by a web post or share. If so, we welcome you even more! ZCore is the name of our new, free site made by NitroBlock78 to allow people who have dreams as future developers to uave a good whack at it!

On ZCore you can do a number of different things, including posting and playing games, chatting, and talking! We all know already, theres only one special snowflake out there on the web! And guess who it is? It's YOU!

Even so, you don't have to be a teen developer or a professional, you can be a guy/gal who just loves new games with an arcade twist to them, you can be an awesome YouTuber who wants to share his videos, or even a bum on the street! We love you all!

Do you just love earning? Then try collecting ZCoins! ZCoins can be collected in various different ways, including posting on the forum, adding friends, or even winning lotterys! Earn Karma by letting people like your posts! Its all how you want to play!

So what are you waiting for! Release your inner snowflake and sign up now!

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